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302 W. Hayes
Savoy, TX 75479
District: 903-361-0030
Admin: 903-965-5262  
High School: 903-965-4024  
Fax: 903-965-5608
Elementary School:  903-965-7738  
Fax: 903-965-4389
District Directory
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Tim Arrington Arrington, Tim
tarrington@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Joe Baca Baca, Joe
Maintenance/Transportation Director
jbaca@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD
Tammy Baker Baker, Tammy
Hs Cafeteria
tbaker@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD
Tessa Baker Baker, Tessa
Es Cafeteria
tmbaker@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD
Jeannie Blain Blain, Jeannie
4th Grade
jblain@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Bradley Bos Bos, Bradley
HS Math
bbos@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Regina Bruce Bruce, Regina
rbruce@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
April Burgess Burgess, April
One Act Play
aburgess@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
John Burgess Burgess, John
Basketball Coach
jburgess@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Dustin Burkhalter Burkhalter, Dustin
dburkhalter@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Allison Connors Connors, Allison
Fine Arts Aide
aconnors@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Theresa Cooke Cooke, Theresa
6th Grade
tcooke@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Amy Cunningham Cunningham, Amy
acunningham@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD
Kevin Dillard Dillard, Kevin
kdillard@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Ann Dugger Dugger, Ann
adugger@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD
Megan Fuller Fuller, Megan
HS Science
mfuller@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Lillian Geron Geron, Lillian
lgeron@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD
Julie Grant
Grant, Julie
3rd Grade
jgrant@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Georgena Green Green, Georgena
Food Services Director
ggreen@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD
Jennifer Green Green, Jennifer
jgreen@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Heather Grier Grier, Heather
hgrier@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD
Ronald Hunter Hunter, Ronald
rhunter@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD
Ashlyn Isom Isom, Ashlyn
4th Grade Teacher
aisom@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Trish Keck Keck, Trish
1st Grade
tkeck@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Korey Kennedy Kennedy, Korey
Elementary Principal
kkennedy@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Donna Leach Leach, Donna
Elementary Secretary
dleach@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Erin Lopez Lopez, Erin
Girls Basketball
elopez@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Brian Neal Neal, Brian
bneal@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Diana Neighbors Neighbors, Diana
dneighbors@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Diana Neighbors Neighbors, Diana
dneighbors@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD
Rachel Pearce Pearce, Rachel
HS English
rpearce@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Jayme Procell Procell, Jayme
jprocell@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Denise Pugh Pugh, Denise
Business Manager
dpugh@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Karen Richards Richards, Karen
2nd Grade
krichards@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Dean Roberts Roberts, Dean
droberts@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Sonja Rolen
Rolen, Sonja
Elementary Special Education
srolen@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Lesslie Sanders Sanders, Lesslie
Nurse/Library Aide
lsanders@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Lesslie Sanders Sanders, Lesslie
lsanders@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Mike Smith Smith, Mike
High School Principal
msmith@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Tammy Smith Smith, Tammy
HS Asst. Principal/Testing Coordinator
tsmith@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD
Rapee Sritairat Sritairat, Rapee
Director of Technology
rapee@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD
Marci Streetman Streetman, Marci
Es Cafeteria
mstreetman@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD
Jeff Sweet Sweet, Jeff
jsweet@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD
Jennifer Sweet Sweet, Jennifer
jlsweet@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Stephanie Sweet Sweet, Stephanie
HS Special Education
ssweet@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Chad Tallon Tallon, Chad
Assistant Football
ctallon@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Jennifer Tallon Tallon, Jennifer
Volleyball Coach
jtallon@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Jennifer Vance Vance, Jennifer
5th Grade
jvance@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Molly Weger Weger, Molly
2nd Grade
mweger@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD View Website
Amber Whatley Whatley, Amber
awhatley@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD
Clay Wilson Wilson, Clay
Athletics Director
cwilson@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD
Becky Woodson Woodson, Becky
Hs Cafeteria
bwoodson@savoyisd.orgSavoy ISD