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UIL District Results

Posted Date: 03/28/2022

UIL District Results


UIL District Results

Savoy High School UIL Advances to Regional Competition

Savoy High School UIL students excelled in District UIL competition winning top awards in several individual and team events.  13 students and 2 Teams are advancing to the Regional UIL meet in Waxahachie.  The Cardinal UIL Directors are Joy Helgren and Tracy Sritairat.  Additional UIL coaches include Megan Fuller, Jennifer Vance, Stephanie Sweet, and Vicki Martin.  Thank you to each of these teachers for their dedication to our students. 

2022 UIL District Results are as follows:


*indicates individuals advancing to Regionals

**indicates entire team advancing to Regionals


1st Place Team- Current Issues **

Mavrick Walker- 2nd place 

Cameron Hobbs- 3rd place

Abbi Murphy- 5th place

Levi Bradshaw- 9th place


Journalism Team- 1st Place

Editorial Writing

Brylie Leach- 1st place*

Jessa Coker- 3rd place*


Feature Writing

Brylie Leach- 1st place *

Adriana Amaya- 3rd place *

Natalie Lawson- 6th place


Headline Writing

Molly Davis- 1st place *

Brylie Leach- 2nd place *

Natalie Lawson- 6th place


News Writing

Brylie Leach- 3rd place *

Katelin Pugh- 6th place


1st Place Team- Spelling **

Hannah Wood- 1st place

Cristina Juarez- 4th place

Natalie Lawson- 6th place

Abigail Gates- 8th place


2nd Place Team- Accounting

Mavrick Walker- 1st place *

Emily LaFoy- 5th place

Carlos Amaya- 6th place

Hayden Smith- 8th place


2nd Place Team - Lit Criticism 

Hannah Wood - 4th Place

Corley Huffman - 6th Place

Cristina Juarez

Mason Merryman


2nd Place Team- Mathematics

Zach Clark- 2nd place *

Matthew Catchings- 4th place

Tabitha Baecht- 6th place

Taelor Cornwell- 8th place


2nd Place Team- Social Studies 

Mavrick Walker- 1st place *

Levi Bradshaw- 2nd place *

Kenli Hardy- 4th place 

Noah Caldwell 


3rd Place Team- Calculator

Cassie Morrison- 5th place

Cassidy Almy

Tabitha Baecht

Mia Riley


3rd Place TeamCopy Editing

Cristina Juarez- 2nd place *

Hannah Wood- 4th place

Jessa Coker- 5th place


3rd place Team- Number Sense

Tabitha Baecht- 7th place

Zach Clark- 8th place

Taelor Cornwell- 11th place

Mia Riley- 11th place


Speech Team- 3rd Place



Jacob Reynolds- 3rd place *



Presley Walker- 5th place


Computer Applications

Hayden Smith- 4th place

Molly Davis- 5th place

Hannah Brooks- 6th place



Congratulations to each of these students on outstanding work.  Good luck to our Regional Qualifiers as they compete at Waxahachie High School on April 23rd

We are proud of you!



Pictured –

5th Row (Back Row) – Noah Caldwell, Cameron Hobbs, Caleb Murphy, Ethan Webb, Caeleb Horn, Mason Merryman, Mavrick Walker, Carlos Amaya

4th Row – Mrs. Tracy Sritairat (Director), Jacob Reynolds, Vaden Wood, Levi Bradshaw, Matthew Catchings, Hayden Smith, Zach Clark, Presley Walker, Mrs. Joy Helgren (Director)

3rd Row – Katelin Pugh, Hannah Brooks, Tabitha Baecht, Madison Clark, Alyson Bogard, Abbi Gates, Cristina Juarez

2nd Row – Brylie Leach, Adriana Amaya, Cassie Morrison, Britton Burt, Natalie Lawson, Emily LaFoy, Nykole Wood, Molly Davis, Mia Riley

1st Row – Taelor Cornwell, Corley Huffman, Jessa Coker, Abbi Murphy, Kenli Hardy, Cassidy Almy