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Fannin County Fair Results

Posted Date: 10/12/2017

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The students of Savoy ISD represented their district very well at the Fannin County Fair last week.  Students entered livestock, ag mechanics projects, pencil, ink and watercolor drawings, photographs, needlepoint projects and a crocheted afghan.

It takes many months of dedicated work to have livestock prepared for a show.  Students must monitor the amount of feed and sometimes vary the types of feed for their animals.  Animals must be exercised and led daily.  The students work with their animals to position feet, head and body in the most effective way to showcase the best body structure of the animal.  In addition, students must wash and groom their animal on a regular (sometimes daily basis).  These students commit many hours per day for their projects and are excited to exhibit them at the fair for others to see. 

The following are the breeds, classes and winnings of Savoy ISD students:

breeding lambs—Jodi Pope, Reserve Champion

market lambs—Jodi Pope, 2nd place in class 3

                           Jodi Pope, 2nd place in class 4 (made the sale)

breeding goats—Weldon Garner, 14th place in class 1

                             Emma Garner, 15th place in class 1

market goats—Jodi Pope, 1st place in class 2 (made the sale), Grand Champion

                          Jodi Pope, 1st place in class 5, Reserve Grand Champion

market rabbits—Emma Garner, Grand Champion (made the sale)

ag mechanics—patio smoker—Devin Smith, Trynton Burgess, Jake Popowski, 2nd 

                          place in grills and smokers

                          towable smoker—Mason Jenkins, Chris Guthrie, Jonny Stone, 1st  place

                          towable smokers, Grand Overall Ag Mechanics (for the 3rd consecutive  year)

steers—Aubrie Slaughter, 1st place in class 2 (made the sale)

replacement heifers—Aubrie Slaughter, 1st place in class 2A, Grand Champion

                                    (made the sale)

                               Annabelle Green, 12th place in class 1B (made the sale)

breeding heifers

                               Jodi Pope—1st place Red Brangus in class 2

                               Jodi Pope—1st place Red Brangus in class 5

                               Jodi Pope—Grand and Reserve Red Brangus


                               Emily Sweet—2nd place Santa Gertrudis in class 5


                               Mason Jenkins—1st place Polled Hereford in class 1


                               Jodi Pope—1st place Shorthorn in class 2

                               Jodi Pope—1st place Shorthorn in class 5

                               Jodi Pope—Reserve Shorthorn


                               Brittany Francis—1st place Maine Anjou in class 6

                               Brittany Francis—Champion Maine Anjou                    



lamb senior showmanship—Jodi Pope

goat senior showmanship—Jodi Pope


Fannin County has a premium sale at the close of the fair.  Buyers “invest” in the student and his/her project with the highest bid.  The students are able to keep their projects for further development.


Many students in the elementary, junior high and high school entered projects in the art and crafts portion of the fair.

Jr. High/High School Entries

needlepoint—Sara Hale, 1st place gingerbread house (completed last school year, entered as an adult)

needlepoint—Olissa Cornwell, participation Texas box

needlepoint—Emily Cooper, 3rd place daisy tissue box

needlepoint—Maci Taylor, participation Make a Wish tissue box

needlepoint—Rachel Stivers, participation cheeseburger with trimmings

needlepoint—Makayla Calloway, 2nd place pansy mail box

crocheted afghan—Makayla Calloway, 1st place blue/white Granny Square

watercolor painting—Emily Cooper, 2nd place, Rose; Toby Richardson, Alien Monkey

pencil drawing—Odessa Cornwell, Summer Girl; Evelyn Riley, J-Hope; Bernadette Rivera, Sunset; Autumn Simpson, Lost in Her Dreams; Hayley Wheeler, Music Girl

ink drawing—Odessa Cornwell, Strange Animal; Autumn Simpson, Panic at the Disco;

crayon drawing—Toby Richardson, Picasso Abstract

Elementary Entries

Pencil Drawing—Taelor Cornwell, 1st place, Pig

Crayon Drawing—Maddie Clark, 2nd place, Cow

Oil Painting—Juliana Garcia, 1st place


Photography—Ava Hodge, 2nd place

                         Addison Hodge, 3rd place

Congratulations to all students who participated and devoted their time and resources to the fair exhibits.