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Opening letter from the Superintendent

Posted Date: 08/23/2021

Opening letter from the Superintendent


Savoy ISD family,

We have another year in progress So many of you are already working so hard to make our kids successful.  Speaking of success, I would like to share with you the Five Pillars of Excellence and how I feel they relate to us.

  1. VISION- The vision of successfully helping all children learn must be a powerful one that captures the heart of Savoy I.S.D.  All staff members make a difference in excellent schools.  We all have to work together and share this purpose. Lets  all  start the year with this vision.
  1. HIGH STANDARDS- Excellence can only be achieved when rigorous standards of performance have been identified, assessed and implemented for students and staff.  This is a constant and on-going process. Here at Savoy we have hung our hat on this and seen the success it brings.  Don’t settle for second best for yourself or from your students.  Constantly strive to be better.  And have fun doing it.
  1. PASSION- When we are passionate about something we channel energy toward it.  I have seen so much of this from Savoy.  By harnessing positive energy and treating challenges as opportunities, we are able to achieve goals.
  1. INTEGRITY- This is what we do when no one is looking.  Our actions must be aligned with our beliefs.  Virtues of justice, compassion and wisdom will lead to loyalty and trust from our community.  Our acceptance of this responsibility determines the maintaining of excellence in Savoy I.S.D.
  1. COURAGE- Savoy I.S.D. and all other schools face challenges.  Changing demographics, limited resources, and pandemics are but a few.  To be successful, we must have the courage to stand tall, advocating for EVERY KID, EVERY DAY, WHATEVER IT TAKES.

Speaking of integrity, these five pillars and some of the explanation came from an old  issue of “Superintendents Only”.  The rest came from my brain and my heart.

Here are some special words of thanks to…

Our maintenance crews for making the grounds look so nice lately.


All of Elementary for their patience as we have been finishing the restroom project.


Denise, Mike, Danny and Tammy for covering for me while I was out with COVID.


Stephanie Buchanan for learning so much so quickly.


Clay Wilson and the other coaches for all the field work they have done.


Amanda Defir for all she has done to help our cheerleaders


All the rest of you who are providing such good and flexible instruction as we deal with all the world has thrown at us.


I am so proud of you!


Keep up the good work…Fight the good fight…. WHATEVER IT TAKES