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The sole purpose of this non-profit organization is to provide parental involement in the educational program provided by Savoy Elementary School.

To achieve this purpose, this organization shall encourage all parents/guardians to become actively involved in the educational process of their children, to provide additional opportunities for educational experiences above and beyond what the school can offer, and to become informed so their children have a greater chance of achieving and being successful.


Meet your 2017-2018 PTO Executive Board:


Connie Garcia: President


Regina Almy: 1st V.P. Fundraising

Melissa Roche: Co-Officer Fundraising

 Kamie Horn: Co-Officer Fundraising


Mellissa Walker: 2nd V.P. Membership

Tara Carruth: Co-Officer Membership

Jennifer Green: Co-Officer Membership


Ashlyn Isom: Secretary

Theresa Cooke: Treasurer


Allison Connors: Box Top Coordinator


Korey Kennedy: Principal